Three Years

Ricky and I celebrated our third anniversary last Wednesday (November 28).

Three years.

It’s enough time to…

… practically learn how to read each other’s minds.

…just be scratching the surface of appreciating having a person who is always there to support you.

… have developed some traditions of your very own.

… have felt annoyed at each other.

… have realized that the honeymoon stage can go on and on and on if you let it and you nurture it.

…. have had several homes together.

… have been so mad that you refused to leave the car and come into the house. (I don’t even remember now why I was mad.)

… have laughed and cried and done both at the same time together.

… no longer even think about how loudly you are “honking” when you blow your nose.

…have developed good and bad habits together.

…have been selfish and generous to each other.

…know that sometimes the hardest thing in the world is to turn over in bed and face the other person during a hard conversation.

…have learned how to be completely honest with each other, and to accept criticism as caring and constructive.

…have really and truly become a part of each other’s families.

…have felt the pain of “being on different pages”.

…have seen each other be excellent and, well, less-than-excellent.

Three years is enough time to learn that it is a beautiful thing to be bound together.

Photo Credit: Unfrozen Photography

What about you? What have you learned and experienced in your years of marriage or other forms of relationship with your fellow humans? Co-existing and relating can be quite an adventure…

14 thoughts on “Three Years

  1. Happy 3rd Anniversary, Jasmine! So very well written. 💕 I’m thankful for the blessing and beauty of marriage as well!

  2. We’re going on 5 years of marriage and I’ve been thinking about some of this too!
    I’ve learned that you can try to convince your partner to see things from your point of view and talk and push your viewpoints but that often it just takes time and interaction to unite your thinking… does that make sense?
    Also, I’ve learned that patience is a wonderful character trait and you can never have enough of it. There is waiting that happens in every aspect of life.

  3. This anniversary post is wonderful, Jasmine! I love watching you two create a beautiful marriage.
    Over the 30 years that Ken and I have been married, I’ve been learning many of the same things you’ve been discovering. When I read through your list, I kept thinking, “This is us, times ten!” 😉

  4. I have been learning that differences in thinking and character can make us a better team, but it requires an special effort to make space for each other. Especially when that means giving and take in ways of doing things.
    I’ve learned that “the hard and ugly” of life is so much easier to do when you know you are not facing it alone.
    I am learning about allowing my husband to fight spiritually for me.
    I’m realizing the beauty of complete honesty with each other.
    …and the joy of belly laughs that leave us both in tears and gasping for breath.

  5. I love you guys so much. I love your beautiful marriage. And I love that you get to love a wonderful and caring man who brings out the best in you.
    Also, that picture is too adorable.

  6. I enjoyed your post again. Marriage sure can be a wonderful experience when both are willing to work at it. I’m still learning to listen well, be slow to speak, to be more appreciative and less critical and play lots of boggle. It’s fun. Love you guys.

  7. Loved the post, Jas. And I love what I’m seeing in your marriage. A couple things that surprised me is how much marriage has enlarged my view of who God is, how marriage has shown me how selfish and self-centred I am, how much intentionality it takes to cultivate a healthy marriage, and how much I have changed (in very good ways) because of Cor in my life. I can’t imagine life without her.

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