The Dance

You might already know this, but my husband Ricky makes videos.

They are funny, warm, comfortable, and entertaining for all ages (seriously, even five-year-olds like them!)

He recently made a video about my family’s vacation at a beloved mint-green cottage. We have history with that cottage. We love it, and it’s the kind of place that seems to love us back.

Here is the video. You don’t have to watch the whole thing. But I would like if you would watch three seconds of it. You should watch from 5:28-5:31 (approximately).

Did you see it? Did you see that dancing cloud that swirled across the right corner of the sky during the time lapse?

I happened to notice it one time and it stuck with me.

About a week after we came home from the cottage, Ricky and I went for a bike ride. It was a glorious evening, with beautiful clouds as the sun set.

One cloud in particular caught my eye and I thought, “I wonder if that cloud is dancing?” It seemed like the sort of cloud that would be, although it didn’t appear to be moving.

Some dances we don’t recognize as dances, I guess. Our perspective is all wrong. Too slow. Too small.

What else around me is dancing?

It seems like the whole earth is dancing with the Grandest Dance Partner of All.









Perhaps I might be dancing too?

Slow and untrained and not always graceful?

I am beyond excited for the Time and Place when we are shown that our faltering steps had more beauty than we understood,

Because of The One Who Is Before Us.

The One Who Holds All Things Together.