Pieces of Advent

This post is a random collection of thoughts, questions, and songs, each piece separated by a mere horizontal line.


Jesus is my future.

(No matter what does or does not happen here on earth in my lifetime.)


Jesus is my future.


My beginning and my end,

And with me for all the in between.

That makes everything

a lot






Was Jesus absent from heaven in those 9 months while his body grew inside of Mary? If so, did God miss Him? Were they still one as Jesus grew a human body? How did God feel as He watched His son slip into the world? Did he burst with joy? He must have.


This song.

“Noel”, by Lauren Daigle.

The invitation to “come and see what God has done” is so beautiful. And isn’t that exactly the invitation that we should offer to our fellow humans… to come and see what God has done for humanity? For us personally?


Jesus was born into the messiest of circumstances and the most unstable of times, but God made celebration and rejoicing a prominent part of the story of his birth.


God knew the pain that the years ahead held,

but he rejoiced in the beauty of the moment.


We don’t have to wait for perfection to rejoice.


I love hearing Handel’s Messiah, whether it’s a live performance or simply a Spotify playlist while I’m driving. This Christmas, I stumbled across a song by Jenny and Tyler (first time hearing of them!) that combines several bits and pieces from Handel’s (much) larger work.

I love it.

It’s completely different from the real thing, so you’ll have to be a bit open-minded if you are a loyal lover of Messiah. 

It is different.

It is simple.

It gives me chills, especially at the “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God” line.

And you know what the best part of all is?

It’s perfect for singing along with, should you happen to be one of those people with a softer sort of voice. Ahem.



This is the time of trusting Jesus to be here.

This is the time of trusting God to fulfill His promises.

This is the time of wild hope.


Come near to Him.


and be warmed

and be found.

Come and see. 




What has God been showing to you this advent time? 

What songs speak to you? 

What questions do you ponder about the events of that first Christmas? 

4 thoughts on “Pieces of Advent

  1. I’ve always loved the unchangeableness of Christmas. As a person that has always disliked change that fact that Christmas somehow stays the same, even when little things about it do change, is very special. The same songs, the familiar scripture passages, glowing candlelight; and the fact that as new things are added they somehow take on the memories and feelings of the life-long traditions… it all makes a beautiful whole.
    Something that I’ve enjoyed this year is sharing the Christmas interests and pursuits with so many people. (Like waving to your family at Handel’s Messiah:) Finding people you know, at events that I used to think of as impersonal, is such a treasure!

  2. I have been contemplating the incarnation this year. Jesus as the Son of God and the Son of Man and what an amazing miracle that is. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the songs with us.

  3. “This is the time of wild hope.” I am learning to dream again and dream of radical things like the healing of those impossibly broken. Sometimes we have seasons where we are called to trust and take what God gives to us. Other seasons, God steps back and waits for us to dream.

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