A Week of Love

Family Sunday dinner complete with Mom’s cooking and red candles.

Chocolate hearts for the two of us from a dad.

Candy and notes left on my desk from sweet children.

Chicken alfredo with three lovely ladies, complete with laughter and stories and chocolate Timbits and strawberries and perfectly-brewed tea.




A good day after a bad day- a gift from the good, good Father.

Comfortable (and slightly crumbly) meatloaf eaten at 8:30 in the evening on the couch, and sizzling fajitas at Kelsey’s the next night.


I married a wonderful, comfortable, gracious Ricky.

Photo credit: Renee Shantz

I have learned a few things about marriage in the past two years.

  1. Seek Jesus.
  2. Be best friends.
  3. Don’t be selfish.
  4. Love your ordinary life.
  5. Go on adventures sometimes.

I am looking forward to learning these things better and better (along with some new things too, hopefully) in the coming years.

At the end of this week of celebrating Valentine’s and feeling love from so many sources, I have to ask myself this:

Did I show love?

Yes and no.

(Of course. That’s the way life is when you are a human being.)

Perhaps the more important question is this:

How will I show love in the coming week?

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love. Honour one another above yourselves.

Romans 12:9-10

The Holy: to Come and to Stay

I live

I love

I laugh.

Beauty thrives and twists.

This is good.


But I have forgotten once again

Who I live for

And love for

And laugh for.

This is so like me.

To be so

Busy and

Happy and

Excited that

I don’t even see the burning bushes around me.


Holiness is a seeping, bursting sort of thing.

It pours from the church windows and doors, both in and out.

When the music soars

My soul does too

And I am taking my sandals off and

Why would I ever look away from flames

That speak and wrap and refine

and spark brand new life?

At the end of the song I walk away and

I live

I love

I laugh.

Beauty thrives and twists.

Happy and busy and excited.

I don’t see the burning bushes around me.

The nears sometimes and the fars other times bring

Rips and guilt and desire.


This is not what the veil was torn for.

The earth shook and rocks split.

God poured Himself over mankind.

It is time to come and to stay.

To see the Great Sight

To stand with my feet directly on the Ground

To feel the Holy beneath me and around me and in me.

To experience the glory of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

To know that I have been seen by Him.

To know that He is the answer

And that He does not always look the way that I expect Him to look

And that sometimes He burns far too brightly to look at and all that is left is to

Bow down.