And the Winner Is…

Good evening, everyone!

Obviously, I am going to start this post by announcing who the winner of the Bible is.

The winner is…

ROSE K. MARTIN! Congratulations! I’ll be in touch with you, Rose.

Click the following link to see me do the draw.

And the winner is…

Thank you to all of you for participating. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments, and was blessed by your desire to share with and serve others. Thanks for taking the time to participate! I wish I had a Bible to give to each one of you, but Ricky says I’m not allowed to buy any more.

I did want to make just a few comments about “The Plea” part of last week’s post. After I typed the post out (but before I published it), I was very undecided about whether I should actually post it or not. I eventually decided that I would post it as an experiment- the experiment being whether or not I could actually be that blunt about what I want for this space without feeling pushy or selfish.

As it turned out, I felt both pushy and selfish, whether I needed to or not. I guess I’m just that sort of person.

So now, I have decided to make a rule that no one is allowed to comment here. Ever.

Just kidding.

That would be extreme.

But I did want to clarify that I meant for last week’s post to be an invitation to feel comfortable commenting and sharing your thoughts here- not a command. The last thing I want is for you to feel guilty for reading but not commenting. There is no obligation to comment.

But I will say this.

I had several people tell me that they really enjoyed reading all your comments. And I did too. You guys are very wise, and I’d love to keep hearing from you every now and then.

I plan to be here no matter what though- comments or no comments.

Thanks for reading and encouraging!



4 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…

  1. Wow! Thank you so much. I don’t win stuff, don’t you know? Now I feel guilty. Oh, dear. But I loved reading everyone’s ideas for creating meaningful Christmases and I love that you pulled those ideas out of us.

  2. It really isn’t hard to comment. Especially since the first time is done and I no longer have to put in my name and email every time. That would be a lot of work!! 😊 question for you. Why do you feel selfish for wanting healthy, meaningful interaction with other people?

    1. I’ve been thinking about this question all week, Tamara. I don’t really like any of the answers I came up with, because I suspect that they are based on my feelings, rather than what is true. But here goes… I think that it mainly comes down to my personality. It’s not that I feel selfish for wanting the healthy, meaningful interaction with others. The feelings of selfishness come when I feel like I want those things, but in my own space and on my own terms. (Have I mentioned that leading out/opening a discussion does not come naturally to me?) There’s also just something inside me that feels selfish at the thought of actively drawing attention to my blog and trying to grow this space and community. Again, these things are more FEELINGS, rather than TRUTH. But feelings are a force to be reckoned with sometimes.

      When I read the way you phrased your question, it helped to confirm in my mind that I don’t need to feel selfish for wanting this. So thank you. I’m happy to have you here. =)

  3. So excited that my SIL who doesn’t win stuff (according to her, anyway), won! And so close to her b-day…I think that is just perfect. 🙂 Thanks for doing the giveaway. It was such fun to read everyone’s ideas. Looking forward to your future blog posts…whether I comment on them or not, know that I greatly enjoy them.

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