Wendy Faye

Wendy Faye

My Wendy sister,

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I have always loved you.

From the beginning, you were a key factor in my life.

You were joy among packed and stacked boxes over moving time.

You were the one who made me useful and capable when I felt helpless.

You were a place for me to put my arms when I needed to hold onto something.

You were a place for me to put my love when I was too shy to show it to others.

Thank you for these things. They mean even more to me now than they did back then.

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My dear girl,

You have been tossed around like a sack of potatoes,

And you have survived.

This is something to be proud of.






That one summer awhile back, the one that I spent at Faith Builders?

I was so scared about going, and I remember hugging everyone goodbye,

And it was hugging you that finally made me cry.




It is very strange to see you so grown up these days.

However, I know from experience that it is so fun to have a little sibling grow up and grow wiser,

And so I am excited.

You may be tall now,

And you may wear cool clothes, 

And love Bourbon Street Grill,

And we may have a Christmas Starbucks tradition,

But when you laugh,

I still hear and see my little Wendy Faye.

I love it,

I love you,

And I always will



Keep growing, sister.

You are doing an excellent job. 



Photo Credit: Unfrozen Photography