Moments of Transfiguration

Up and up  

They work to climb.  


Muscles burning in their calves  

Breathing a little harder 

Sometimes tripping when  

They don’t lift their feet high enough.  


Jesus just keeps going up and up,  

And they don’t quite understand  

His purpose  

And his steady sense of direction,  

But they are getting used to following  

With an open mind  

And with hope.  


Their eyes are on where they came from,  

(a gleam)  

Their eyes are on each other,  

(a glimmer)  

Their eyes are on the ground,  

(a glisten)  

Their eyes are on the sky,  

(a burst)  

And then their eyes are on Jesus. 



They have never seen his whole self before.  

(So this is who he is!)  


The joy of it.  

All of those years. 

All of those laws.  

All of those prophecies.  

Jesus pulls it all together and holds it firmly and lovingly

And it is  



Does such glory not demand a response?  

Peter gives it.  

“Jesus! Let us honour you! We will build-”  


A bright cloud.  

A voice.  


When you need to respond to the glory, you make it about yourself.  

This is not about you.  

This is purely about the glory.  

Stand still, for once,  

And just be covered.  

Just take it in.  

It’s not about you.  

It’s about  

The Glory.  


This is terrifying. 

To allow yourself to be so small.  

To recognize that you have nothing to add.  

To only think about the glory.  


They fall and cover their faces.  

What else is there to do?  


Jesus touches them,  

And they go down the mountain together.  

When they look at Jesus they still see 







They will never unsee it.  

Their eyes are open now.  


Sometimes, they see that glory  

In the dark places,  

In other people,  

And even in themselves.  

Small bursts.  

Never complete,  

The way Jesus shone.  

But small bursts of glory.  

Glimmers of who they truly are  

And the Spirit they have within.  


Jesus just keeps going up and up and up. 

We are following with a trusting mind and with a hoping heart.  

Up and up,  

We work to climb,  


Glimmers of glory guiding.  


Where have you seen glimmers of glory? 

5 thoughts on “Moments of Transfiguration

  1. I’m seeing glimmers of the glory in the sunshine sparkling on fluffy snow and frosty windows as well as in a friend’s story of God’s gifts even while she deals with the hardness of a broken leg. And I just felt thrilled again last night when I read about how we are being changed into the image of Jesus from glory to glory!

  2. Jasmine. There are no words to compliment all of those words. It was glorious, especially the line about them “getting used to following.”
    Lately, I have been seeing glory in the calm and patience within my own soul despite my human tendencies towards panic and worry and control. I have seen glory in the things I need being on sale and people showing up and helping out gladly. I have seen glory in those branches over the rink all covered with ice–suspended silver.

  3. Jasmine, you helped me see the Transfiguration in a new and wonderful way. Thank you. I will clip this for further processing and use.

  4. This is a marvelous piece of writing, Jas. Thank you so much for sharing it. I sense it is one I will come back to. I saw some glimmers of glory yesterday when Li’l Sethy was here. His smile, and all of his endearing baby ways…

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