Complete and Utter Chaos Ensues

This blog post wasn’t going to happen until June. But I was looking over my schedule and my to do lists (I have made a to do list for each month up until September) and I decided that perhaps it should happen now.

Basically, things are starting to get a bit crazy around here. Crazy like my head spins all the time and I don’t really do anything well because I’m busy thinking about all the other things that I have to do yet. And in an effort to perhaps lessen the craziness, I have decided that I’m not going to worry about blogging regularly. Or even at all, really. I still have a big, happy, end of April post that I’m hoping to do in the next few days sometime, cause there was so many wonderful things about April that I would love to share. But after that… I probably won’t be posting regularly. If I feel like doing a post, then I will definitely do it. It just might not happen that often. But it might! I don’t know. Maybe once I decide not to post regularly, I will be filled with a burning desire to blog.

It just feels kind of like I have lots to focus on right now, and blogging just doesn’t quite make that list. Plus, I want to use my words in other ways for awhile. Also, I need to figure out exactly what my thoughts on blogging are. So I’m going to do that. It’s not on a to do list, but I should maybe consider adding it so that it doesn’t get lost in the jumble of stuff that’s going on.

Regular posts will possibly start happening again in September? October?

It sounds like a long time away… but I have a feeling that time will fly by!

What if I am a completely different person by then?

It feels like I could be.

When I look at the next few months, all I see is new things. New things to learn and do and think about.

When there’s that much learning to be done… mistakes are bound to be made. And I kind of hate mistakes. It could be a bumpy ride.

I’m sure I’ll show up every now and then to share those mistakes with you. =)

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