I am sitting outside right now. (Well, not right now anymore. Clearly not. As though my laptop battery would last long enough for me to do a blog post. Ha ha. Very funny. Basically what happened was this: earlier this afternoon, I grabbed my notebook and my pen and my blanket and my camera, and headed outside to write this post. Now I’m just typing it up.)

I’m going to start over now. It will be better that way, without all those words in between the first real sentence and the second real sentence.

I am sitting outside. (Aren’t you glad I said it again?)

On my blue dolphin blanket that has pieces of dry grass clinging to it. From last summer’s adventures, you know.

The sky is so blue.


The bird sounds are so… many.

My flip-flops are so worn. Also from last summer’s adventures.


Blitz is so far away, doing that thing where she lays down and looks all sad and lonely, even though she could have followed me to this exact spot.


There is an annoying fly.


The sun is so warm.

Sometimes the wind doesn’t blow and the sun’s warmth penetrates me for a brief moment. But mostly the wind blows.


I can hear kids having recess at the school. I can’t see them. But I hear them. Audible fun.

But you probably didn’t come here to hear all the minute details of this wonderful afternoon, did you?

Today is the Monday to write about one of my favorite things. There was much thought put into what this month’s favorite thing should be. I asked Renee if she wanted to write a post for me. But I guess that won’t be happening this month. Maybe some other month if we all beg and are very nice to her. 😉

I considered writing a blog post all about tea, complete with pictures, because I have some very pretty tea. Don’t laugh. It’s true. It’s coming to the end of the “hot tea-drinking” time of year for me, so I thought it might be fitting to choose that as my thing of the month.

And then I thought that I could do a post on Kenton, because he is in Guatemala right now and I am missing him exactly as much as I thought I would. An “ode to Kenton” type of deal.

But I will save those for another time, I guess. Based on this month’s experiences so far, I have chosen a different topic.

Groups of ladies.

Groups of girls.

Groups of females.

Well, this is off to an odd beginning. Let me explain. This month, there has been two things that brought about this blog post. One was the girls’ weekend that Joy, Trish, and I planned, and the other was the ladies’ seminar that happened at Moorefield this past weekend.

I don’t have a whole lot to say on this. Just this:

There is something about learning with other ladies.

There is something about hearing their struggles and desires and commitments and thinking “Oh! So I’m not the only one who…”

There is something about young ladies learning from older ones, and older ones learning from the younger ones.

There is something about ladies who are brave enough to share the deepest pain that they have ever experienced with an entire church full of women, most of whom they most likely do not know on a personal level.

There is something about sitting in the audience with a best friend on one side, and someone you barely know on the other. Listening to the brave words that can’t come out easily. Hearing the person you barely know sniff, and realize that although you are different ages and have completely separate and different lives, you are both moved in the same way by those words.

There is something about the whispering and laughing and openness.

There is something about realizing that these ladies have a common goal: to follow God to the best of their ability. One way that “communion” can be defined is “a feeling of emotional or spiritual closeness”. And that seems like a valuable thing to have. I feel blessed.



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