The Thief

Sometimes the days that you are dreading the most are the ones that end up being wonderful. Does this happen to anyone else? It happens to me often. It almost seems tempting to assume that the dreaded days will end up being good… but I don’t want to jinx it by being too presumptuous.

Anyways, today was one of those mornings where I woke up and nothing inside me wanted to go to school or do any of the things that I needed to do. One of those mornings where the to-do list hangs so heavily inside you that it feels like it makes your heart flutter fearfully every now and then.

But then, the students came and there was catching up from the weekend and a student voluntarily telling me what the sermon was about on Sunday and lots of stories about deer and a few clever grammar jokes about how the colon is not merely part of your body (made by me).

It made me feel full and alive again.

Teaching is ridiculous in that sometimes it feels like it’s viciously sucking everything out you and you end up feeling like a raisin and other times it feels like it is filling you and you feel like you are the juiciest grape.  (I’m sorry. That wasn’t deep. I am feeling a tad unfocused tonight.)

Today I had to think of the phrase from John 10 in which Jesus tells us that he came to offer abundant life.

Abundant life feels so much better. In my last post I wrote a bit about how it can be easy to get caught up in just doing what we need to. I am learning how important it is to make sure that your days are infused with joy.

We weren’t actually meant to live out our lives merely completing one dreary day after the next.

Jesus came to bring us abundant life. It’s hard to claim it. It can be a whole lot easier to put up with drudgery than it is to choose joy and delight and optimism.

To be honest, everything inside of me just clenched up when I wrote those words because I seem to have become well-accustomed to feeling overwhelmed and like a bad teacher and I don’t want to expect days to be good or try to make them good, because then I will only feel disappointed when it ends up being another bad one.

See? I’m preaching to myself here.

Here is the end for tonight:

Negativity steals. It is a thief that Jesus came to protect us from. Jesus offers protection and freedom and eternal loyalty.

And that is a fact, even on the days when your heart just doesn’t want to do it. It’s still true.