Hiking Philosophy

I have always liked the idea of hiking, but haven’t always liked the actual hiking.

The idea of traipsing through nature was appealing, but my legs… they’d get so tired, and it wouldn’t take long for me to just wish to be done with the hike. It always felt like, in order to hike properly, one must move briskly towards the end point. To me, taking breaks felt like a shameful thing that revealed my weakness.

I have a new hiking philosophy now.

And it is this:

For me, hiking is not about how far along the trail I make it.

It’s not about moving quickly.

It’s about stopping to sit in the places that are beautiful. It’s about sitting there for as long as I want to, without feeling guilty about not making any headway on the trail.


Come to think of it, for me, hiking is mostly about sitting.

(Now I’m just making fun of myself.)

(But it’s true.)

The following photos were taken at Rattlesnake Point on Saturday, October 20, by myself and my fellow sitter/hiker, Ricky.













Photo credit: Ricky Martin


storm clouds
Photo Credit: Ricky Martin
Photo Credit: Ricky Martin
Photo Credit: Ricky Martin

7 thoughts on “Hiking Philosophy

  1. I totally and completely agree with your hiking feelings and love this new philosophy!! I always feel I’m concentrating so much on the walking and not being tired and trying not to think about my hurting feet and tired legs that I miss and the beautiful things! And that, I tell you, is not worth it. 😬 So thank you for writing this! 💗 Twyla

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    1. I like the way you summarized my post… I want to take that phrase with me through life. “To go into the woods to enjoy the woods and not just pass through the woods.” Thanks for stopping by!

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