Wonderful Things about Teaching

“Tune in Wednesday,” she said. “I’ll post about my favourite things about teaching. And tune in Thursday, too.” 

Ahem. This is a little embarrassing. 

I had a busy week last week. I had my list of Wonderful Things about Teaching already prepared, so I thought it wouldn’t be hard to find a moment to post it. But I forgot. And Thursday- well, let’s just say that I expected my heart to be so full and overflowing that I would welcome the chance to write. My heart was indeed full and overflowing on Thursday. But I underestimated how exhausted that would leave me, and just plain old didn’t post. Forgive me. I owe the world two blog posts. Even though it is summer holidays, I am still going to post my list of Wonderful Things about Teaching. (Because to leave off with a list of hard things about teaching just isn’t the way I want to do things.) Anyways… here is the list of wonderful things about teaching. It is not even close to being exhaustive, but my brain is still kind of close to being exhausted, so this is what you get. 


  • Sometimes students pop their heads in the door in the morning and say, “Mornin’!”
  • Sometimes everyone wants to talk to you.
  • Sometimes students understand all of a sudden. They just get it. And you helped. And they’re excited and you’re excited and all is right with the world.
  • Sometimes they tell you that they wouldn’t even mind if you’d be their teacher again for a third time.
  • Sometimes they tell you all about the book that they are reading.
  • Sometimes you see them make the right choice even when they’re tempted to make the wrong one.
  • Sometimes they see a need, and they meet it. They put their arm around their discouraged friend’s shoulders. They bring in the ball that they didn’t take out. They keep the baseball game going and get along just fine while I run inside for an icepack with a student who got hurt.
  • Sometimes they notice their own growth and are proud of it and want to grow more. And that’s exactly the way it should be. That’s not unhealthy pride. That’s life and satisfaction and hard work.


  • It is wonderful to work on a team with your students. Students will do a lot for a teacher who they know is on their team. It is exhausting to feel like it is you against them all the time. Be kind. Do nice things for them. Tell them what you like about them. Tell them that you love them even if they groan and wriggle uncomfortably in their seats and cover their faces with their hands.
  • Co-teachers are a huge part of the teaching experience. I suppose you don’t have to be a teacher to have good co-workers, but man. In my experience, teacher co-workers are the best. They laugh with you and cry with you and show grace to you and understand your teaching struggles and have amazing ideas.
  • Children are the best to celebrate with. They just are. Christmas, birthdays, any special occasion. They understand celebration.


Other teachers (past, present, future): What are your favourite things about teaching? You may share them here, and we’ll all feel warm, fuzzy feelings. Or you can just think about them in your heart and feel some warm fuzzies by yourself. Either is fine! 

3 thoughts on “Wonderful Things about Teaching

  1. I feel the warm and fuzzy feeling because of who you are and how wonderfully you express your thoughts. 💓 Grandma S.

  2. I’m not a teacher, but as I was reading this it occurred to me that these sentiments apply to every job and position. This was a great way to begin a new week! Blessings on your new life.

  3. Because children are organic (not only in substance but in thought and imagination 🙂 ), one finds oneself exploring and learning just about any random anything before you realize you have started. “That’s not a bee, it’s a wasp,” says little boy shrinking against me in terror as I try to comfort him that the “bee” buzzing dangerously close will not get him. OH. Right.
    And, this may be specific to younger children. I love that they are willing to get into your space and ask for love and give it back unabashedly.

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