Hard Things about Being a Teacher

I just want to acknowledge right off the bat that these are hard things about being a Jasmine-teacher, and other teachers may have an entirely different list of hard things. I also want to say that when I read over my list of hard things, I realized that although these things are hard, many of them are also beautiful. They are both. 

  • You don’t know everything. It can be embarrassing and humbling, because although you know you don’t know everything, you are sometimes confident that you know something but you are wrong.
  • You are right up front in front of everyone, and trust me, they SEE everything. Coffee stains, hairpins, how many times you use the word um,  and who knows what all else. I don’t even want to know.
  • You sometimes get tired of managing. Of always being the responsible one in charge.
  • Everyone needs you at once. They walk into the classroom with their hands in the air and that’s kind of the way it stays all day. A person could panic, thinking about all the people who need help.
  • Sometimes you have a bad day, and when it ends you just have to sit down and prepare for the next day anyways. Even if you just want to run away and cry and cry. Even if you are convinced that there is no point in even doing another day.
  • Your mind is so full. (It may feel like you forget a lot of things, but just think about all the things that you remember.)
  • Sometimes your tongue just doesn’t work properly. Particularly after the weekend or after a holiday. It physically feels different, and to top it off, sometimes your brain just doesn’t send the right words to it.
  • Sometimes you hurt your students’ feelings or come across as harsh and uncaring.
  • It’s personal. When you see your students make wrong choices, it hurts. In some ways, it feels like your students are an extension and reflection of you. However, that mindset can lead to emotional torture or pride. I need to remember that I am a factor, a tool, a smile, an advisor. But God is the heart-changer. How very freeing. For everyone.
  • Everyone works at different speeds. We don’t even all tie our shoes at the same speed, people. How is this way of doing things supposed to work?
  • Sometimes you explain something very clearly, but half the people still miss it.
  • You see the pressures that they put on each other, and the natural pressures of life, and you ache for them.
  • Sometimes you aren’t sure if it would be more beneficial to discipline or show grace.
  • The hardest, most hurting thing of all, is when they don’t treat each other well.

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