Christmas 2017

The beauty of holidays is that you can do things that you wouldn’t normally do, and you can enjoy processes that might normally feel rushed or frustratingly time-consuming. I have been celebrating my liberty to enjoy processes by doing, well…. nothing at all, really. I HAVE been doing things… but they are all very relaxing things like being with family, taking multiple naps in the same day, and eating chocolate. It has been delightful.

(Just so you know… this blog post contains nothing clever, spiritual, or inspirational. If that’s why you are here, sorry. It is purely a “journal entry”. Feel free to leave now if you don’t enjoy reading about other people’s Christmases.)



The holidays began on Friday night, after the school Christmas program. That night gives me such a rush, and Ricky and I stayed up rather late eating Big Macs, singing “Joy to the World” (listen to Ricky sing here), being hyper and happy because CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. 

On Saturday afternoon, we hopped into our car and headed to Toronto for the night (in celebration of our second anniversary). A few highlights from that trip were riding the subway, sleeping in a gigantic bed, walking around Toronto and taking pictures (it’s a good thing that taking pictures happily occupies both of us), and watching an outdoor play where the audience walked through a park to the different scenes of the play. Something inside of me wants to be a part of making a play like this happen some day…

The group of us that gathered in Christie Pits Park  to experience the outdoor play.








On Sunday afternoon, we came back home, took a nap, and then headed over to my family’s house for Christmas. We traditionally eat pizza on Christmas Eve, and this year, we decided to make the pizza instead of buying it. Everyone helped, and it was delicious.




After eating, we went to Waterloo Park and walked through the Christmas displays there. We came back home, chopped up veggies in preparation for a casserole for Christmas dinner, each opened one present (a new pair of pajamas), tried to watch a movie, but gave up on that when most of us were falling asleep.


Christmas day consisted of brunch, opening presents, playing outside, eating Christmas dinner, painting, and just hanging out. It was lovely.

Photo credit: Ricky (I think.)
Kenton and the mysterious name exchange gift that he wrapped using three different kinds of wrapping paper. It ended up being for me, which was very exciting.


The weather was downright snowy and blowy.


Here is a short video clip that my wonderfully creative little sister Renee put together: Christmas 2017. 

And since then? I have just been feeling a little bit lost. There was so much to do in the days leading up to Christmas, and now that those responsibilities are finished with I feel a bit… blah. However, as the days go by, I feel more and more like myself again. Holidays are such a good thing. It can just take a little bit sometimes to adjust to the different lifestyle. I made myself a to-do list that I am very excited about working on. But for today, I think that I’ll just keep reading and napping and eating chocolate.

One thought on “Christmas 2017

  1. Oh, good, someone else feeling a bit lazy. I loved your pictures of TO. That city has a piece of my heart. Can I do that progressive out-door play thingy with you?
    And the plaid tablecloth for Christmas dinner was classic. 🙂

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