The Weary World

We are a weary world-

Hurting and homeless and hungry-

Within and without.

It is easy and “admirable” to be skeptical and critical and logical,

And that wears a soul down.


What does faith mean?


Then comes this season of waiting

With its glorious plainness and simple anticipation.

The lights are lowered, but persistent.

The songs are familiar, but fresh.

The soul is longing, yet satisfied.

The story is unbelievable, but truth.


It all comes down to this-

The story.

To hear the angels.

To see the star.

To hold the baby.

To kneel with the wise-men.

To adore.

To acknowledge the precious grace of this gift.

To just quietly be there for awhile-

The soul needs these things desperately.



The beginning of the story brings immense joy and hope,

But the end?

The end will bring more- so much more that it will be perfect.


This time is for celebrating what has happened and what will someday happen.

May we do so simply, hopefully, and with abandon.

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