Three Small Things

There are many things that I think about blogging about. Honestly, there’s probably at least one time a day when I’m like,  “You know, I should really blog about this.”


HOWEVER, thinking about blogging and actually blogging turn out to be two very different things. For more thoughts on thinking versus doing, follow this link: Dorcas Smucker. 

Yesterday, I read this blog post and one of the thoughts from it is still circling my head.

“Today I heard that if I don’t speak until I have something to say that will astonish the whole room (cf. Pride and Prejudice), I’ll never find it easy to say anything at all. I am not sure what I feel about that.”

-Shari Zook, “The Astonishing Things I Heard”

I am very hesitant to share in any way if I feel as though I am unprepared or under-qualified to share it. This goes for face-to-face discussion and blogging. I’m starting to wonder if that leaves too many things unsaid. Or perhaps it’s better this way? I don’t know. I do know that it takes me approximately ten times longer than some other people to develop a thought/opinion and figure out how to communicate it to someone else. Or I go the other way, where thoughts and questions bombard me, but my brain comes up with answers and responses almost immediately, and then I can’t figure out if the questions are legitimate or if they were dumb. And by then, the conversation has moved on to something different. This is horribly frustrating, and leads to much silence.


I used to blog about everything. Read this old post if you doubt that. But somehow along the line, I began to feel as though I wanted my blog to be less random, and a bit more… polished.

And then… I fell in love with that polish. Choosing carefully what I wanted to say. Choosing much positive, and really only sharing the negative there was a twinge of beauty in there somewhere. When really- although I honestly do love this life that I have- there are days when I feel quite annoyed at everything that moves. There are days when I feel like I just work and sleep and that’s all I did in that day, and I am not even proud of what my working was like that day. There are days when I feel far off, and I want to be brought near but I’m not sure how to let myself. There are days when the thoughts are very small and scared, indeed.


There are also one million wonderful little things that I want to share, but it is easy to convince oneself that those small things only matter to you. But now I’m wondering if maybe… maybe those small things might be worth sharing.

My friend Meghan is studying at Faith Builders right now, and one way that we keep each other updated is by sending each other “Three Things” emails. We simply list three things that we want the other person to know. The things can be big or small.  And sometimes it feels like the small things are just as connecting as the big things.


Here are three small things for you.

  1. I am reading Tuck Everlasting, by Natalie Babbitt to my students. It is probably a little bit above their level, but they are fascinated by idea of living forever. We do much discussion as we go, and they have fabulous questions and ideas. For example, yesterday, one of them was questioning whether Mae (a good and gentle character) was actually good, because she did a very bad thing- but she did it for the best reason. There are many beautiful wise pieces, but here is one that struck me as being particularly true.

“The way I see it,” Miles went on, “it’s no good hiding yourself away, like Pa and lots of other people. And it’s no good just thinking of your own pleasure, either. People got to do something useful if they’re going to take up space in the world.”
― Natalie BabbittTuck Everlasting

2. I had fun with my sister Renee on Wednesday night. We went to a bookstore and took some pictures of her, and basically just skedaddled our way around Waterloo.


3. I was talking to one of the “school moms” after school one day, and we were talking about what you can do when you simply feel like you are not enough for all the children who need you- whether you are a mom or a teacher. She had two wise things to say that I keep playing through my mind when I start to feel panicky or overwhelmed. She said that it is important to just stay calm, and that it’s important to prioritize. Moms are smart.



Do you have three small things from your week? Feel free to share here. We’d all love to hear them! Or you could randomly send your three things to a friend, and that’s fun, because sometimes they send three things back, and BAM- you’re just a little bit more connected than you were before.

8 thoughts on “Three Small Things

  1. Three Things:
    1. I love it every time you blog.
    2. You have so many wise things to say. Thank you for sharing them with the world, whether they are as polished as you think they should be, or not.
    3. Keep saying all the beautiful things.
    4. (Because I can’t stop at three) I love you.

  2. I love this post!
    Here are my three things:
    1. My daughter came home unexpectedly from college today! (That’s actually kinda big news)
    2. I love getting together with my sisters.
    3. We played Rook last night with my mom and she is a mean player and a very good sport.

  3. 1. I’m honored by the link. 🙂 Thank you.
    2. I met Meghan here and really like her too; we’ve enjoyed talking.
    3. Every day of my life, I struggle with the same things you verbalized so beautifully here. What do I say, and what do I leave unsaid? – Are the big things too big to write about? Are the small things too small, or are they what this life is all about? – How do I stay connected to my people? (Lovely idea in the Three Things emails!) – Is silence a bad thing, or a good thing? – Are there too many words out there already, or are we hurting for the ones that will heal us? I have no answers, but I like how you spoke the questions.

    1. It is very comforting to know that there are other people who wonder the same things as I do. It feels better to wonder together than alone, I think.

      Also, please take good care of Meghan. Canada is currently a little bit jealous of the US. 🙂

  4. 1. I can write on here a week late, and no one will kick me off. (at least, I don’t think so)
    2. My children and daughters-in-law are so talented and I love reading or watching the things they create (like this Three Small Things blog post)
    3. Ken took me out to eat at Red Lobster last night to celebrate our being married twenty-nine years (29!!). I had a very nice tilapia dinner which was enough to provide me lunch today, too. Doing life with Ken is one of my most overwhelming love gifts from God.

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