KITCHEN: The Humble Hot Dog

Fun Fact: I’ve been blogging since 2009. I was just a baby when I started blogging. I didn’t use enough capital letters, but at least I managed to use more than my fair share of punctuation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blogging has definitely been a journey, and recently I have been considering what I want my blog to be like in this stage of my life. I considered what I think about, what I pour my energy into, and how I spend my time, and came up with several different categories: Kitchen, Devotional, Review, Challenge, New Places, Teaching, “How To…” In the future, you can expect to see posts that (for the most part) fall somewhere into those categories! Tonight, I am starting things off with a post from the “Kitchen” category. 

I’d like to draw your attention to an oft-overlooked kind of food.

The lowly hot dog.

A simple food that tends to be somewhat looked down on by adults and deemed acceptable for campfires, but only for campfires.

Certainly not a desirable supper item.

I’m here to tell you that I think we’ve been wrong about the hot dogs.

I think that they can be more than we have expected them to be thus far.  In fact, I know that they can be.

When prepared properly, hot dogs can be a simple and delicious meal. They are particularly handy if you have been working all day and are really hungry right now. 

Let me teach you.

First of all, you need to cook the hot dogs. Don’t boil them. Please don’t. It might just be a matter of opinion, but I believe that my alternative method is far superior to boiling.

Here’s what you do:

Fry them in butter. Yup. Fry them until they are well-done (reminiscent of the stage of doneness that they achieve when roasted over a campfire in the dark). Next, put barbecue sauce on them. Let them cook a bit longer, until the barbecue sauce and the hot dog, well, become one.

At some point while the hot dogs are cooking, toss some onions into the frying pan with them. You will never regret frying onions to put on your hot dog. That’s what I always say.

I have never been able to decide if fried purple onions are horrendously ugly or somewhat beautiful.

While the dogs and onions are doing their final frying, dice some tomato. Now, I grew up thinking that everyone ate tomatoes on their hot dogs, but I now know that this is not true. I understand your skepticism, but I think that you should give the ‘matoes a chance. We’re all mature, culinarily-adventurous adults here, right? Take my word for it- the tomatoes won’t let you down.


Pull out the buns, ketchup, cheese whiz zucchini relish, and honey mustard.


And just… you know… put it all together!


Serve with potato salad, lettuce salad, jello, perogies, mac and cheese… Hot dogs are nothing if not versatile. (Actually, I don’t know if that’s true. The versatility of hot dogs might be up for debate. I welcome your feedback on this matter.)

If I were you, I would strongly consider adding hot dogs to my grocery list.

(Be honest. Is there a tiny part of you that is craving a hot dog now?)

3 thoughts on “KITCHEN: The Humble Hot Dog

  1. I’m reading this while I’m in bed with Andre waiting for him to fall asleep and all I can hear beside me is a very excited ‘yummy!’ ‘yummy!’ ‘yummy!’…

  2. The tomatoes thing? Yes, do it. We never thought of its possibilities until you brought it to our attention at that first hotdog roast at your St. Jacobs apt. Now there’s no going back!

  3. Ah, my friend, just another reason to like you. You aren’t too snobby to eat and enjoy the economical hotdog…looks delish by the way.

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