March Break.

It deserves to have words such as beautiful, glorious, sweet, and luxurious used to describe it. It’s just that wonderful. It has been, perhaps, the most perfect March Break in my whole entire life. I think that I appreciate it more as a teacher than I did as a student.

I have been doing lots of wonderful things.

I planted my spider plant. It was time. It has been living in a cup since Christmas, I believe. I think that it has already grown. They grow up so fast, don’t they? Now I am always wondering if it’s time to be watering it. Unfortunately, they don’t need a whole lot of water. I’m so excited about watering it. A plant might be just the kind of pet that I need.


I worked on my puzzle. What a puzzle. With its curly edges and massive chunks of blue sky and white blossoms and green grass. I like to sit down and work on it every few weeks or so. All good things take time, right? I loooooove my puzzle.


I bought some things, like a song book and shoes and disco ball.


I ate turnovers and drank tea. One time, I tried to do it while doing my devotions. In my mind, it seemed like the ideal situation. But it was too hard to do them at the same time. So I ate my turnover and then did my devotions for a long, long time. It was a glorious morning.


Speaking of devotions, how do you guys do them?

I’m not going to lie.

I am a devotional snob.

As in, I don’t like devotional books, because I prefer to have my own thoughts. Isn’t that dumb? I’d rather read the Bible and come up with my own thoughts than take in the ones that someone has already had. There’s no pure reason behind this. It’s because if there’s something good to be thought of, I want to think of it myself. It’s a rather selfish thing. But it has affected the way I have done my devotions for at least the past two years. My system consisted of prayer journaling, reading the Bible, and reading a chapter of some “teaching” book. (Somehow, I don’t mind reading the “teaching” books, but don’t like the devotionals.)

But recently, I finished meandering through the Bible. I got to Revelation and I was done. So… I started over. But the thought of essentially doing the same thing again (in a different order and different time frame) really did not appeal to me.

That was when I decided that it is time for me to take in less.

Less scripture.

(Hold your horses. I know that it doesn’t sound good. I’m not done talking yet.)

Take in less, but focus more. This possibly goes with this desire that I keep feeling to live simply.

I don’t even know how to describe what I mean by simply. I picture a white living room and eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables when I think about living simply, but that’s not what I mean. Maybe I mean being appreciative of and thrilled with the simple things and moments. Not having a life that’s filled with unnecessary clutter. I haven’t defined this yet. I’m working on it.

I had already taken a step in this direction close to the beginning of Lent. Let it be known that I love checking Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram and some of my favourite blogs. And I realized recently that it’s becoming very habitual to do these things, and that they can be beneficial things, but I was taking in too much, and not doing anything useful with what I was taking in. It was not benefiting me in any way. So I decided that it was time for me to take in less. Not eliminate these things completely… just use them less. Don’t let them take away from other things. When I read a blog post that challenges me, stop there. Don’t go on to the next post. Think about it. Use it.

Basically, my idea was, “Take in less. Produce more.”

So I decided to apply that to my devotions too. Read less. Pray more. Do more. Write more.

What good is all that taking in if it doesn’t change you in any way?

All this to tell you that I am doing the “Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross” reading plan on She Reads Truth. And I am enjoying it. There are a few verses to read, and then a devotional that goes with it. And that devotional… it’s okay. I’m enjoying this whole ordeal very much. I love that March Break allows me lots of time to linger, whether it’s in the Bible or in my journal or writing other things.

But are there devotional books out there that you have enjoyed? Or studies that you have done on your own? Or creative things that you have done? If there are, you should tell me sometime or comment! (Don’t feel obligated to comment. I’m not doing this for comments. I’m doing it because I’m interested in hearing what other people do. Because this reading plan will end, and then I’ll need something new to do. And if you don’t give me ideas, I will probably never stop doing unnecessarily long posts about my devotional journey, and I don’t think that’s what any of us want.)


2 thoughts on “

  1. Hey Jasmine,
    Thanks for reminding me to take-in less. I have done too much of the taking in thing.
    As far as devotions go, I was given a one year devotion book that has a one verse and a whole page of comments. Somehow, it doesn’t seem that filling.
    Something I’m kind of doing on the side is reading through the Bible–high lighted style. Let me explain, I only read the verses that I underlined my previous times through. (unless a verse really does not make sense by itself) Then I journal about the random verse(s) that I read. These verses tend to have a lot of meaning…probably why they are underlined already.
    Don’t know if that was helpful at all.
    God bless!

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