I Feel Sparkly Inside. (And like I have cold.)

A few random thoughts from the past week.

  1. There are sparkles everywhere in my life. It’s my own fault. Sparkly decorations, sparkly cards, sparkly art projects. My classroom has sparkles all over it. It actually started to bother me after a little while that my hands always had sparkles on them. However, I seem to have become accustomed to it because the other day, I was eating a piece of cheese at lunch. I happened to look at it and noticed that there were some sparkles on it. I inwardly shrugged and then continued eating the piece of cheese. I just ate those sparkles right up. Isn’t that gross? (There was only like two or three sparkles, okay?)
  2. Yesterday, during the afternoon program, I remembered this thing about first graders that I forgot. They love to count. I noticed this last year too. That if you sit them down on a bench for an extended period of time and groups of people come and perform on the stage, their natural inclination is to count those people. And then, unfortunately, to discuss what number they arrived at. I like that they count though.
  3. I really like how young children like to get gifts, but they also like to give gifts. It’s pretty exciting both ways for them. They are pretty much the only ones that I feel comfortable opening presents in front of. I felt very blessed last night.
  4. Christmas holidays are such a good thing. A wise friend advised me that I should do my cleaning before Ricky comes home. So, with a little bit of additional nudging from my mom, I took on the task of cleaning my room. (I am actually still in the process. I keep stopping to eat candy and blog and stuff.) Now, you have to understand that in the past week, my room just became a holding place for all of the stuff. There was a lot of stuff in this past week. So much. I even decided that it would be a good time to wash my sheets. When I was taking them off my bed, I realized how necessary it was for me to clean my room. This is what I found in my bed. IN MY BED.
    1. Three pairs of pjs.
    2. Three books, plus a Bible.
    3. One water bottle.
    4. Two black sweaters that I have been missing.
    5. One long-sleeved black shirt.
    6. One plastic bag, receipt included.
    7. One list of youth group members planning to participate in the 2014 Guatemala missions trip.

So that is why it’s good that I’m cleaning my room. I was not aware that all those things were in my bed.

  1. I am plain old going to miss my students. I told them that. One of them popped up his hand and said that maybe I might meet them in the grocery store sometime. If you can’t find me… I’m probably at the grocery store, hoping to catch a glimpse of one of my students.
  2. Ricky comes home on Christmas Eve. There’s really nothing more that needs to be said.

2 thoughts on “I Feel Sparkly Inside. (And like I have cold.)

  1. Okay, number 5 made me laugh. Out loud. And that would happen about twice a year from something I read. So congratulations. It felt good.

  2. yes, number 5 made me laugh out loud too! I’m seeing sparkles today too. I’ve avoided them up to this point as a mom but yesterday Kiera and I made play doh and I decided it’s time to add the sparkles. So now we have glittery playdoh to make snow men with. Yay for sparkles!

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