Why Everyone Should Have Big Brothers (by Kayleen Martin)

Today’s blog post is brought to you by the wonderful Kayleen Martin (list-making extraordinaire). She speaks with experience on this topic of brothers, because she has two very nice big brothers. (One of which happens to be my boyfriend.) You should read this list and feel all warm and fuzzy and thankful for your brothers (or other people in your life who fill this role).  And then, you should go give your brother a hug. Whether they are a big or little brother. If they let you. Not all brothers are huggable. Thank you for sharing your list, Kayleen! It’s so wonderful. I think that Kayleen (and Kerra!) probably have an increased appreciation for their brothers because both Ricky and Rolin have, at some point, been away from home for approximately a two year period. 
from left to right: Rolin, Kayleen, Kerra, Ricky
from left to right: Rolin, Kayleen, Kerra, Ricky


Why Everyone Should Have Big Brothers
1. You have someone to cheer on in baseball and hockey.
2. You have someone to get advice and a male perspective from.
3. You learn to accept and enjoy teasing.
4. You have someone to help you with math.
5. You have someone to quote movie lines with.
6. You have someone to teach you the ropes. (ex. going to youth, volleyball tournaments)
7. You have someone to make sure you don’t get lost. (refer to Cincinnati Reds game)
8. You have someone to show you what it means to be a good, strong guy.
9. You have someone to miss.
10. You have someone to share silly jokes with. (ex. white man jokes)
11. You have someone to sing with.
12. You have potential for more sisters.
13. You have someone to give fashion advice to.
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