Prayer is a wonderful thing.
It feels good.
It brings results.
Sometimes, it’s the only thing that you can do. And that’s okay, because sometimes, it’s all that needs to be done.
I like how there’s little pauses in my day for prayer- times where I stop and look at God.
I like praying while I drive to school. I love listening to my students pray. They are such faithful little pray-ers. If you are sick, or on a trip, and we know about it, we will pray for you for a good long while, until we are sure that you are better or back home safely. Also, to the people who have dedicated time and energy to helping with the renovation at our school- you are prayed for practically every morning by the first grade class. It is a regular and long-standing request.
I have gotten distracted.
I like pausing to pray for lunch. The flurry of math class is over, and we stand straight with our toes pointed forwards, and we pray, feeling exceptionally thankful for our food, because we are all so hungry.
Just before we go home, all of the commotion of the last ten minutes of school ceases, and we thank God for another day and ask for a safe evening. A moment of satisfaction and anticipation.
I like praying with my family before supper. It’s so nice to be with them.
I like writing in my prayer journal and seeing all the thoughts and desires and questions and requests scrawled honestly in front of me.
There is a new part of prayer that I am learning.
Sometimes, just because it appears that God has answered your request, doesn’t mean that He is finished with that situation. It’s still His, even though you received the answer that you asked for. Sometimes I hold fairly tightly to my answered prayers, when really, they are still God’s, to do with as He pleases. Yes, that answer was for you, but it was also part of God’s plan.
Is God ever finished with any situation? Someone prays about a situation and that situation goes on to affect other people, and those people go on to affect other people, and honestly… I can’t imagine that it never ends. God is never done. Right?
So if you pray, and receive what you asked…
Don’t cling to that answer.
And don’t panic if things take an upexpected turn.
Don’t think that things are going wrong, or that your “answer” has been stolen from you.
Because it hasn’t.
It’s just that God is working.
And that is always right.

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