Welcome to My Phone

I know a girl.

Her name is Kaylin and I like her a lot.

She looks wonderful like this:


Kaylin is a dedicated writer and reader, and sometimes we have the most delightful conversations about things that we have written or read. It’s wonderful. Makes me feel all alive inside.

One such conversation happened through texting in recent weeks, and I thought that I would share it with you, and you can think your own thoughts about the matter. (Whatever the matter may be. I don’t think that we clearly define it terribly well.) It was one of those conversations where you just give your first thoughts on the matter, and explore it as you discuss, rather than have everything sorted out and organized ahead of time. (At least, that’s the way it was for me. Perhaps Kaylin would have a different story!)

P.S. Did you know that it’s hard to go back and retype a conversation that you already have had without changing anything? It’s hard. I wanted to rearrange words and take them out and put them in, but I didn’t. This is genuinely our conversation.

P.S. Again- It’s not perfect. These graphics that I am about insert. They are not evenly spaced. They are not centered perfectly. They even give the appearance of being slightly crooked. Just bob your head a little bit while you read and you won’t even notice!

The conversation:

page 1 real

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

page 5

Go now.

Think your thoughts.

Is it our flaws and weaknesses and failings that make us love and pursue art? 


You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. -Matthew 5:48  

Are we closer to God because of our imperfection?




2 thoughts on “Welcome to My Phone

  1. One word….”yes!” That’s my thought on this. I agree with the “thinkings” you two did on this subject. It’s probably also our human-ness that compels us to continue to follow the carrot to that higher plateau where we will experience what we haven’t yet experienced and do what we haven’t yet done. If we were perfect, we wouldn’t have any reason to desire to strive, would we? I like how you think.

  2. So I guess, because we’re human, our human-ness coincides well with us, but if we were not, it would be a malady to ever perform anything but perfection and we would only have that label to wear and nothing to reach for. I’m just restating what you said, it’s occurring to me, but you’ve got me thinking too. 🙂

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