From David

Have you ever read something so wonderful that you hardly know how to begin understanding it, much less discussing it, much less applying it?

That is how these verses from David make me feel.

for the glob


There are several things that I want to point out.

Ahem. (It has been awhile since I have expounded like this. Settling into my teacher mode now.)

The first thing I call “Follow the Leader”.

“I saw the Lord always before me.” God is always before us. In the verses before David’s words are quoted, it talks about how Jesus’ death was part of the “definite plan and foreknowledge of God”. That situation must have looked so grim. So disappointing. To trust that God always has a plan. Through every disappointment. Through every mistake. Through every fear and doubt. Through every threat. Look back at your past experiences and see how God walked before you. Be still in your present experience and believe that He is still there, right around the corner, doing things that you can’t even dream of.


The next thing I call “God is our strength and stability”.

“He is at my right hand that I might not be shaken.” Nothing is impossible. Nothing can destroy you. It’s easy to notice when something is trying to destroy you. But it’s those little things… those little breezes that come. The ones that seem gentle and natural… and you start to sway without even realizing it. Nothing can sway you. You are smarter and stronger than that. You believe that God is before you, and the way you live and think reflect that.


Next we have…. “Indestructible Hope.”

“My flesh also will dwell in hope.” Dwelling in hope. Take up permanent residence there. Flesh (us! we!) can do that! Plop yourself down right in the middle of hope. Build a house and be like, “I am staying here now. This is home.” No matter what happens. You, fleshy you (that does not sound flattering. I’m sorry. It kind of makes me laugh though, so I’m going to leave it there. You know what I mean… human you), whose tendency would be despondence and pessimism and condemnation, can dwell in hope. Is that not wonderful? No matter what… we have hope. Forget doing that thing where you feel like there is no point in hoping because you will just feel disappointed.


And of course, there is “Assurance.”

“For you will not abandon my soul to Hades…” He will not abandon your soul to Hades… Translation: He will not abandon your soul to hell… Translation: He will not abandon your soul to Satan. Your soul, once committed to Him, is His. He values it and will not give it up. Your soul, who you really truly basically are, is protected in Him and guarded by Him.


Isn’t He wonderful? Too good to be true?

Wouldn’t this be a beautiful way to live?

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