Remember when it was summer?

Hey, everyone!

It’s been a looooooong time since I’ve blogged. And this isn’t even going to be a real post. It has more pictures than words. It’s a cheater post.

I’m about to do that thing that I sometimes do… you know- the one where I post a ton of pictures that aren’t actually all that exciting, but I do it anyways because I love them? Yup. That thing. This time it’s pictures from the cottage. At some point, I should also do a post about my time at Faith Builders with some pictures. And sometime, I should address the whole topic of teaching, cause I have some thoughts about that matter. For now, let’s just leave it at this: I didn’t know that it was possible to love 16 little people so much sometimes and dislike them so much at other times. They are awesome and scary. And tiny. Gah. So cute. So funny. So smart. Yeah, see, this is my problem these days. I get started talking about them, and I can’t even stop. My poor family. I can’t believe how something can so completely consume you and weigh on your heart and mind. Anyways, there’ll be more about that some other time.

For now… cottage pictures. A few days after I got back from FB, my family headed up to the cottage. The same tiny, mint green cottage that we go to every summer. Sometimes it amazes me that we still do it, and still have a great time. When I was looking through my pictures from this year though, I arrived at a conclusion. I realized that for the past few years, I have essentially been taking the exact same pictures at the cottage every summer. I mean, it’s the same place. The only difference is that every year, we are a year older in the pictures.


See? See? Isn’t she cute?
Cottage week is apparently beard week. Kenton says it’s always been that way. This is just the first year that I’ve been able to tell.
What I like about this picture is that you can see a drop of water on Wendy’s nose. You really can. Look closer.
Renee, Wendy, and I impulsively bought hats.
Golden rain…. I like it. It made for a perfect afternoon of reading out on the front porch. I read the Wrinkle in Time trilogy. I hadn’t read it since I was a kid, and I was so glad to discover that I still love those books!
A cold, cold, windy day.
I just like the look on Wendy’s face in this picture. It was just so windy!
This might be one of my favourite pictures that I have ever taken.
This is my “why is it so cold at the beach?” face.
Also, I don’t know why I’m wearing a green shirt and an orange sweater. I had a great black sweater along that would have looked much better. But I chose the orange one? I do think that it is noteworthy that I still have that orange sweater though. I bought it when I was in grade 10. Me and that sweater have been through a lot together.
This is the time that Wendy’s hat blew away because it was so windy. It was that feeling of chasing something, and every time you reach for it, and you’re sure that you’re gonna catch it, it moves out of reach.
This was after we caught her hat. It was a great moment.
Sometimes, people fought for the remote.
I was never involved in that kind of thing.

IMG_3556 IMG_3593  IMG_3701 IMG_3704 IMG_3724 IMG_3767 IMG_3768 IMG_3819 IMG_3831 IMG_3907 IMG_3918 IMG_3922 IMG_3935 IMG_3939

So there you have it- Cottage 2013. Twas great fun.

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