The Work Nights That Never Ended

What I have discovered in the past year and a half is that youth becomes infinitely more fun when you are on the committee. I’m completely serious. I even have a friend who agrees with me! 😉 

Sometimes, things come up. Things like the weather? When you’re trying to plan work nights? And you might as well just ask the entire youth group to set aside all their Tuesday nights for a month or two, because every single week, it rains on Tuesday night, and you have to cancel and reschedule the work night? 

But tonight we had stone picking, and it was fun. 

I got to drive a tractor. Soooo… that pretty much made it worth it. Then I got to sit around a fire, with friends, eating this good beef or steak stuff, and hot dogs, and popcorn, and chocolate chips. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

And people asked questions like, “So that Hallelujah song… What does it actually mean?” (None of us know. We don’t think anyone does.) And people talked and laughed, and it felt like summer. Cold summer… but summer, nonetheless. 

Work nights are a good thing, I think. I thoroughly enjoyed every single place I went. It’s fun to work with your friends, and it’s fun to get to know people that you maybe didn’t know very well, and it’s fun talking and laughing after the work is over. You may even pull out a few plastic cups and attempt to learn the cup game. 

Then there was this night: 

American Gothic by Grant Wood. This painting was brought up early in the evening… even before we started working.
Shantz Gothic. By Wendell Diefenbacher. The reason I’m holding my hand like that is because Kenton and Wendell said that in the American Gothic picture, she’s holding a basket of eggs. So this is me pretending to hold a basket of eggs. Another point…. does everyone know about this American Gothic painting? Was I the only oblivious one? Kenton and Wendell both knew about it. This was a crazy night. I was really tired. So tired that my brain was downright cloudy…


Work nights are a good thing.

Youth groups are a good thing.

Committees are a good thing. 

And so is sleep. 

Good night, everyone.

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