The End and Beginning

Boots are pretty important around here in the winter. They are good for keeping your feet warm and dry.

Except that my boots didn’t really do either of those things this winter. They weren’t even particularly comfortable. Thanks a lot, Wal-Mart. But I loved them anyways.

Because they were more than just footwear to me this winter. (And because they have a shiny buckle on the side.) If my boots were to be judged based on quality and performance, they would fall woefully short. But there is lots of things that my boots did well for me this winter.


They went Christmas caroling in the rain.

They walked to work early in the morning.


They walked through a park lit up with Christmas lights on Christmas Eve, and days later, they walked through the same park again, on a colder, sadder, happier, darker night.


They took me to Starbucks on Tuesday nights, to listen and talk.


They went out to eat with friends and to hockey arenas.


They heard Handel’s Messiah. (And thoroughly enjoyed it. My boots are very classy like that.)


This winter was great, and my boots were there for a lot of it. They are softer now, and look pretty worn. They fit my feet perfectly. I don’t even have to unzip them to get into them anymore. I can just slide my foot right in. I liked feeling the tops of them brush against my legs.

I think I learned a lot this winter. I might be a bit more worn. Maybe a little softer. I like to think that I am more knowledgeable.

I still have so much to learn though.

Sometimes all the learning that could be done is overwhelming.

We’ll see what happens when I put these back on:


All photo credits go to Meg, except for the last picture, which was taken by Joy. 

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