The Life and Times of Wendy

Wendy’s birthday is this week, so I thought that I would do a blog post about her! =)

It wasn’t hard for me to find pictures of Wendy for this post. No other childhood has been so well-documented in photos as Wendy’s has been. It doesn’t hurt that the kid has three billion different expressions that never cease to amaze and amuse me. Wendy is perhaps one of the most entertaining people I know. She is always ready to have fun, and is happy to go along with the crazy plans the rest of us come up with. She has giggle fits. Often. All by herself. I mean, it happens to me too… but it’s not like when it happens to Wendy.

See, Wendy does everything completely.

When something strikes her as funny, the result is uncontrollable laughter.

When she plays, whether it’s with her pets or her friends, she throws her whole heart and energy into it.

When we’re at the beach, she plays hard. Thankfully, Kenton is her companion of choice for that, so I don’t have to play hard too. 😉

When she’s skating, she is always willing to get back up when she falls.

When she hugs, she hugs tight.

When she loves, she loves a lot.

I remember the time this winter that she had pneumonia and just laid around for a few days… it was pretty boring and calm around this house, and I think we all missed the lively Wendy that we were used to. She is so expressive, and although pictures can kind of capture that, I think you have to live with Wendy in order to fully understand and appreciate this. =)

I still remember the day that Wendy was born. That was a seriously exciting day for me. I was in grade 5, and it was just before lunch when I found out. And then I had to wait all afternoon and part of the evening to go see her. I cannot believe that she is going to be 8 years old. That is just crazy.

I wish I had some pictures from when she was a baby for this post, but that would require searching and scanning and I’m just not feeling quite that ambitious today. =) But here are pictures from the past two or three years.

So glad that this little escapade resulted in laughter, and not tears. I remember watching it play out and thinking that it really could go either way.
Honestly, birthdays are just so exciting.
Gah! Look at how young we are! What happened to us????

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DSC05321 DSC05327

Smile nicely? Why yes, of course we can! If we want to.
Smile nicely?
Why yes, of course we can! If we want to.

I hope that you have an incredible birthday, Wendy! I’m so glad that you are my sister and that you figured out how to email pictures to me! 😉 And I’m glad that you like Despicable Me, and that you wanted to watch Wreck It, Ralph the other Sunday night. And I’m glad that you’re brave and can protect me from Bruce. And you know more about your Kobo than I know about mine. And you pick awesome bedtime stories. And you put awesome outfits together for yourself. And sometimes you and Owen sit on the fence and yell “Radishes away!” and it makes me laugh. And you hang out in my room. And then Renee hangs out in my room. And it’s the three of us hanging out in my room. And you know all the words to that “Good Time” song, by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepson. I don’t know if that’s admirable or not. And you love “Springsteen”.


There is lots of reasons that I love you.

Like because you’re awesome!

That’s a pretty good reason in itself right there!

I can’t wait to make more membories with you! 😉 We are gonna have such good times together! I can tell. I am wise like that. I always tell you that I know everything, and I think you’re old enough to know that I have actually been telling the truth when I say that. =)

Happy birthday!

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