Happy Monday!

It’s a random monday!

I wanted to call this post something else. Something besides “Happy Monday”. I wanted to call it “In Which I Share All The Great Moments That My New Camera Has Captured Thus Far”. Actually, I often want to give my blog posts titles that begin with “In which…”. (Sidenote- When you say “in which” does it make you think of sandwiches? Cause when I say “in which”, it makes me think about sandwiches). But I  never actually do it, due to the fact that it’s kind of an overused thing. It is unfortunate, because it’s just such an excellent way to begin something.

There was one time that I gave in and used it. It was in my very first chapter of the book I’m working on, and it was begging to be used, and so I finally just gave in and said, “Okay, Inwhich. Welcome to my book. But just this once. Got it?” And really, Inwhich has been honoring that agreement quite well. In my book, that is. Blog posts are a different story. If only I had never read those stories by A.A. Milne, that all have awesome titles like “In which Tigger comes to the forest and has breakfast” and “In which a search is Organdized, and Piglet nearly meets the heffalump again” and “In which Rabbit has a busy day, and we learn what Christopher Robin does in the mornings” and “in which Tigger is unbounced”. See? Things sound good with Inwhich in front of them! Inwhich infront of them. Okay. So I have used it once in my book. Hey! Do you want to read a sentence from my book? You can read the inwhich sentence. I guess. If you’re begging that hard. Okay. Here is a sentence from my book (two sentences, actually):

“I realize that my story has gotten off to a slightly melancholy start. Which is okay, because it is a slightly melancholy story, in which secrets are kept and revealed, death is sudden and unfortunate, true love is discovered in unexpected and yet completely familiar places, betrayal abounds, and the meaning of life is found.”

Well. There you go.

See? We are still just at the introduction of this blog post, and it is already random! This is going well.

So as you know, I bought a new camera, and I have been having lots of fun taking random pictures with it, just because I want to use it, but don’t really actually have anything that exciting to take pictures of.

So I take pictures of my family. They are actually quite exciting sometimes. The things that go on around this house….

So. Random pictures.

This was the very first picture that I ever took with my camera.
I know, stunning, right?
I was actually really mad at myself for this, because I had decided beforehand that the first picture I took with my camera was going to be a really special, meaningful one.
And then, I just got excited and a bit carried away, and before I knew it, I had taken a picture of the box that my camera came in.
And you only get one shot at taking a first picture with your new camera. It’s like all the other “firsts” in life. Once it’s happened, it’s happened. There is no going back. BUT the great thing about firsts is that no matter how great or awful they may be, there is always the chance that they will get better. So yeah… my pictures can only get better from here on out. =)
My, what big eyes you have….


IMG_0026 IMG_0030


IMG_0038 IMG_0039 IMG_0040

Books I’m reading and loving right now…
So I found this really great blog that I really love, and she is always quoting wise things from books that she is reading, and she is always reading something. It just makes me want to be a really well-read person.
Gmail is without a doubt one of my favourite things in the world. It goes right up there with spaghetti.
Remember how there was not a picture of icicles in that one blog post?
Well, this is not a picture of my semi-colon/colon key.
Because it fell off last summer. And now my baby finger has become a “precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics” (much like Mater, from Cars, you know). It looks a little bit like my keyboard is missing a tooth. A tooth that will never grow back. *sigh. I still have the key actually. It is in my Spongebob pencil case. The great thing about this picture is that it also allows you to see exactly how clean I keep my laptop. It’s quite disgraceful, actually. One time a bug crawled into my laptop when I was writing outside. And I never ever saw it crawl out. So it might still be in there somewhere. It might have had babies. My laptop might be full of bugs. I don’t know. Ew. I am going to seriously clean my laptop after this. Really, I am. I use my laptop all the time (as long as there is an outlet nearby, of course!), so I guess it’s understandable that it gets dirty… but I should really take better care of it.
This winter, I have drank (drunk? drinken? probably not drinken. But it’s a cool word, is it not? Reminds me of the Barney movie that I watched over and over again when I was a kid, and there was a weird little furry thing in it named Blinken.) insane amounts of tea and hot chocolate. I do this awesome thing where I dump a ton of sugar in my tea, and it is kind of hot and sweet and milky and I feel veryvery happy and energetic. Sugar will do that to a person. And it doesn’t help that my mug of choice lately is awesomely big and yellow, so there is more sugar than there would be if I was just drinking from a regular sized mug. But isn’t it a happy mug? So happy.
Can somebody say “biggest peanut butter cup in the world”?? Because I think that might be what this is. Thank you, Trish, for giving me the biggest peanut butter cup in the world. You know me so well. =) Do you know how big this peanut butter cup is? It is so big that I could not even eat it all at the same time. Like, I ate half of it, and then decided to eat the rest later, because it was just so awesomely big. After I took this picture, I remembered that time that I took a picture of my tiny garbage can, but no one could actually tell how tiny it was because I didn’t put anything beside it to compare it to. And I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. I want you all to know how big this peanut butter cup is. So I took a picture of it with Dilbert the Golf Ball.
It’s big, right??
It’s perfect. =)
photo (32)
And this- this is a tiny banana.
As compared to a toothpick. Do you see the toothpick to the left of the tiny banana? That’s how tiny the banana is.
Sarah brought this banana to work, and we all thought it was the cutest fruit ever. And Amber thought that I should put the tiny banana peel in my tiny garbage can. But I try to avoid putting foods that are going to decompose and smell bad in my tiny garbage can. So I didn’t. Much to the disappointment of all. (This was not taken with my new camera. It was taken with my iPod.)
So Renee and Kenton were doing this thing, where they would throw a ball at eachother, and my room somehow became Renee’s base. And then she turned on me too? “This is the face I make before I throw a ball at you.” She said that. And made this face. But I knew that she could make a better face than that. So I said, “Harder! Scrunch harder!”
And then this happened.
And then she tried again, and I think she reached her full potential with this face.
She never did actually throw the ball at me. Due to the fact that I distracted her.
That’s how clever I am. 😉
Renee hid behind my door to avoid Kenton- twice. The brilliance of using the same hiding spot twice in a row is just underwhelming, as Kenton and I informed her. We have some work to do on her yet.
I don’t know why she was on my floor. But… she was. And she looks pretty happy curled up down there. I like my floor too. It’s a good floor. I just like lying on the floor. That’s it.
This was after church yesterday. I said, “Guys, do something awesome.” And this is what they did. So if you ever wondered what “awesome” actually looks like- this is it. I know, right? I was impressed too.
photo (34)
Another iPod picture. But seriously… I have had some beautiful beautiful walks to work in the mornings. I am going to kind of miss those silent, snowy mornings. This past Thursday was particularly awesome, because it wasn’t really cold. It wasn’t windy or anything. And the snowflakes were big and fluffy and just fell straight down. It was wonderful.
photo (33)
Yeah… the pictures really don’t do the morning justice.

I think that is the end of the pictures. Finally. Sorry bout that.

Random things that are on my mind?

Well, last night Wendy and I had the funnest ride home from church ever. The rest of my family may not agree. But we had a great time. She got one earbud, and I had the other, and we sang the greatest, singiest songs ever. We sang loudly. Expressively. We put a lot of soul into it. I love that my little sister loves the song “Springsteen” so much. When we were getting close to home she sighed and said, “We are going to have such good membories from this.” (And yes, there was actually a b in there. And yes, I do have such good membories of it.) At another point she said, “It’s really too bad that we don’t have a piano in here, so that we could go ‘plink, plink’ when the song does.” That just made me laugh, because I have never thought about how we should really have a piano in our van before. But it was just fun. It made me feel excessively hyper and happy and awake. Things didn’t really change when I got home.

And I am officially an introvert. I read http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sophia-dembling/nine-signs-that-you-might_b_2251932.html#slide=1849770 and was like “Wow. This makes so much sense. This is me she is talking about.” Although, I don’t generally hide out in bathrooms. Mainly because that seems just a little bit silly to me. And because I never really considered it as an option. And although I do not hide out in bathrooms, I do know the feeling of relief that comes from being alone after being surrounded by people. So I guess I am kind of an introvert. But it was kind of exciting to realize that there are other people in the world who feel exactly like I do.

And although penguins can’t fly, flamingos can. However, they prefer to fly at night, and taking off is a little bit awkward. At Hillcrest the other day, I was told that I was brought by a flamingo instead of a stork. Because I have a pink apron.

This summer, there will be a Despicable Me 2. Could it possibly be as awesome as the first one? I don’t know. They set a pretty high standard for themselves to live up to.

I think I like raisins now. Not enough to eat a raisin pie. (We sell those at Hillcrest, if anyone is interested.) But I used to think that I didn’t really like raisins, and then I accidentally ate one the other day, and it wasn’t half bad. I may eat another one sometime. I’m still deciding about that though.

I think that if people have great confidence in you, and expect great things from you, the chance of you actually doing great things immediately goes up. I really do believe this. I have felt it in myself, and I have seen it in others. So seriously… believe completely in the people in your life. It’s good for them.

There’s a few songs that I’ve been listening to a lot lately, and I thought that I should share them, just in case anybody needs some new music in their lives. So here they are: “Where I Belong” by Building 429, “Promises” by Sanctus Real, “You Are I Am” by MercyMe (this song goes along perfectly with the book “Wrestling Prayer”. Sometimes I feel like I have no idea exactly how powerful my God is), and “Redeemed” by Big Daddy Weave. Good songs. I love them.

I got to eat lunch beside Stephanie yesterday. She’s so cute. Honestly.

Watch this: http://fortheking.tv/death-of-yolo-jefferson-bethke/. For those of you who were at youth retreat, it’s the thing that Eric did on Saturday night during the worship time. I thought it was really good, so I searched and searched for it. And I found it. Just when I was about to give up. It was totally worth all the searching though. Powerful words.

Okay… I think it’s time to wrap this up. 2, 224 words is long enough, I suppose. =)

Have a good Monday!

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