Guess what?

This afternoon, when I slid into the driver’s seat of the van, and closed the door, the air that wrapped around me was warm and still and full of sunshine, instead of the thin, chill, gray air that comes in the winter.

And it felt like spring.

I love when you can feel winter start to change into spring. I’m not sure that it’s quite happening yet, but I think that it will happen sometime soon-ish. I feel like I am soon going to feel like spring is on its way.

And that makes me feel optimistic.

My flip-flops. They’re from Meg. Which makes them special (insert appropriate intonation here. ;)) Warmer times are coming, folks. I believe it.
I love starting a new chapter. Correction: I love starting a new chapter when I know how to start it. I must think of something wise to expound upon. And I’m not really one of those people who can write the rest of the chapter first and then go back and come up with the perfect introduction. I must write the introduction first. Gah. I know what I’ll be thinking about tomorrow while I’m mixing dough. Well, it might not take up quite all my thoughts. There might be room for a few other thoughts too. One time, I was so busy thinking thoughts, that I almost put my finger through the bread slicer. There was blood. Oh yes, there was. And pain. A little bit of shock and “did I really just almost do that?????”. But some thoughts just deserve your full attention, you know? ANYWAYS, new chapters make me feel optimistic because they have the potential to be good. I haven’t had a chance to mess them up yet.
This makes me feel optimistic for obvious reasons. And it’s worse because I won a free coffee the very first time that I got a roll up the rim drink. So now, I expect to win every single time. Cause clearly, I am lucky. Except that I’ve only won once so far. But all hope is not lost. I could win again. I could win something great. Like a car. Or a barbeque.
The future makes me feel optimistic. A bit scared too, due to the uncertainty of it all….But optimistic. The future is beautiful. I’m excited about it. I want it to come.
Oh look.
In order to be able to wear these dresses, I first have to sew them.
But I’m looking forward to wearing them!
And sometimes, sewing isn’t so bad.
But if your little sister is watching the Cosby Show, and then goes upstairs, and leaves the disc at the menu, and the theme song just plays over and over? Then sewing is bad.
Blue sky! It’s a beautiful thing!
Now if only there were some leaves on that tree.
I have some kind of spring fever, I think.
I’ve got it baaaaaad.
This is not a picture of icicles. Do you know why this is not a picture of icicles?
It is because the icicles- they have melted.
Ha ha!
A puddle!
It comes from melted snow and icicles, I think.
Puddles are beautiful things at the end of winter.
I wish I had a pair of rubber boots. No really, I do want rubber boots.
I can’t wait for Easter.
I love Easter.
And eggies. The bigger the eggie, the better, is what I always say. 😉

So basically what I’m saying is that life is pretty good right now. And I’m really excited about the next few months and finding out what they hold, cause it seems like they could be kind of big, exciting months. =)

Also, someday soon, I will stop posting every single day. I promise.

It will probably be tomorrow.

And I think there might be a Giant Empty Space at the beginning of this post. At this point, to me, there appears to be one, and once again, I don’t know how to fix it. But maybe it will miraculously fix itself again.

But in case it doesn’t, I’m sorry about the Giant Empty Space.

And if it does miraculously fix itself once again, I’m sorry for apologizing about it unnecessarily. Again. Because this is the second time in two days that this has happened.

The old blog was a lot simpler than this one. Just saying.

But I do like this one. We are just getting to know eachother yet. But due to the fact that I feel like blogging about every single little thing that happens to me, or every single thought that I have, I would say that this blog and I definitely have a shot at this.

And now I am personifying my blog.

Amber and I personify things all the time.

Today, we named the little thing that we use to get the air bubbles out of rolled out dough. We named it Peaches. After the Peaches in Ice Age. We were going to name it Fred, but then too many jokes were made about it. So we thought Peaches would be a much more fitting name. Cause it sounds much better to be like “I need Peaches” than “I need Fred”.

Now I’m just talking.

Good night all! Sweet dreams!

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