Like, “stop eating the paste” special?


This proves it, I guess.

I officially have the greatest friends in the world. I do. There’s just no way around it.


19 got off to a rough start for me. I got home from work and concluded that really, it could only go uphill from here on out. It was the dumbest thing, because I rarely have bad days, and then I have to go and have a bad day on my birthday? It just didn’t seem right. Work was bad, but my family was nice, but I was tired, and so I went to bed.

Thursday was infinitely better! Meg had been talking about my birthday for awhile, telling me how awesome it was going to be, and how special I was going to feel. And she was right… it was awesome and I did feel special! =) Also, I have to take back what I said about my birthday not being particularly exciting… because this was exciting!

So what did we do?

Meg had this all very carefully planned out, on her little blue recipe card that she kept pulling out of her pocket and checking, which obviously drove me nuts because I wasn’t allowed to know what was coming next. But basically, we drove to 19 of our very specialest places, and at each place, she had a gift and a note from one of my other friends for me. And we took pictures. 19 of them. Not 19 at each place. Just one at each place. =)

This was the very first picture. When I was beginning to catch on that it was going to be a very, very niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccceeeee evening.
I don’t know if this is our best shot of our favourite pose…. but hey, no retakes, right, Megga? =)

Random Quote- Me: “Those were some good dudes.” Meg: “Right stand up old chaps.” (We were talking about in-class memories, which obviously brought JustinRickyandDale to mind. I wonder what their plans for St. Paddy’s Day are this year.) There was lots of funny things that got said on Thursday night, and I kept thinking that I should remember more of them, but the above quote was the only one that I can remember because it was right after we laughed about that that we talked about how we should be remembering other quotes too.

Hands on!
I don’t want to explain it, and you don’t actually want an explanation. You really don’t. But I would like to mention that when Meg smiles like this… her head shakes. I felt it. She smiled so hard that her head shook. How great is that?
This is us being disgusted.
In the parking lot of Wildcraft.
Perhaps another expression that would have been fitting here would have been disappointment? Because we were really expecting something much awesomer than what we actually experienced. We have much higher hopes for this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration. Because how can you go wrong with Italian food? I like spaghetti. Love it. 😉 And do we always celebrate Valentine’s Day late? Apparently, yes.
Will we be beat?
The answer is no. We will not.
This is a picture of us looking like we love Kenton (in the Tim Horton's parking lot!), because he is the best little brother that we could possibly have. We love you, Kenton! =)
This is a picture of us looking like we love Kenton (in the Tim Horton’s parking lot!), because he is the best little brother that we could possibly have. We love you, Kenton! =)
I have the most beautiful book in the world.
Sorry to all you other people who thought that you had the most beautiful book in the world. I actually hold that position now.
A backwards “d”?
I would love one, please. So much awesomer than all those regular d’s. Hey, Meg and Greg, remember that time when we were really young, when we chatted, but weren’t allowed to use any d’s? That was wonerful. Goo memories. =)
Prettiest book ever.

So basically… I feel incredibly blessed to have such awesome people in my life. And if you were one of the 19 people who wrote me a note… thank you so much! You are all so awesome! I don’t even know what to say to properly let you know how completely great I think you are. Cause I do.

There were so many encouraging and inspiring and motivating and loving words! Quite honestly, I feel kind of undeserving of all of those words. It makes me want to actually be everything that people were telling me I was. I didn’t cry the first time that I was reading them, but I did the second time through. Not like a whole lot of crying. Just a few tears here and there. You know how I am. =)

And some of the greatest, most inspiring words of them all? II Timothy 1:6,7- “…fan into flame the gift of God, … for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

And that is unbelievably awesome.

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